Friday, January 2, 2015

Who Sucks At Updating Their Personal Blog? *RAISED ARM HERE*

Right I mean seriously. I was supposed to throw some things up here now and then. Share my thoughts, learn about myself, explore some things, inspire some people with my own journey. Well let's just say I was busy riding  my bike, exploring life and doing stuff in general. Can't say I'll be better at this year but hey, here I a today. Let's celebrate the little things shall we? Go me! Welcome to 2015!

I read this meme on FB from bikeiowa. It said "Odometer Alert! Set em back to 0! Happy New Year!" I realized, crap I gotta start all over counting mileage. I'm going to admit something right now. I didn't ride my bike at all on the first day of the new year. GASP! I know, right you're all secretly shaking your heads at me. The obsessed cycling Rose didn't ride her bike on the first day of the new year!?!?! WTH?!? Fear not I'm about to rectify that with a spin on the trainer here shortly, however I did think about my mileage yesterday and all the riding I did in 2014.

One thing I was wondering how many miles did I finally end up with last year. Did I surpass my mileage from 2013? Well that of course led me to my mapmyride app and website. See I'm a stats hog. I like numbers. I like watching them change. They motivate me in those moments where I am feeling unmotivated and down on myself. I think, doubt and will generally pick apart my own fitness and skill level but I can circle back to the numbers and say "See you're doing fine." Look how much you've done so far. Often I surprise myself. I'm like, WOW....I worked out how often? I rode that far really? DANG! Then I mentally chew my own rear for being self doubting, get my head back in the game and I go to work.

I think tracking your progress, your activity is really key when you're making a change of any sort be it fitness, lifestyle, eating habits, whatever. Its being accountable for something and it's cold hard facts. If you don't get where you wanted to be you can look at the data and see why not. Oh wait there was no data and you got nowhere. That's because you didn't change a damn thing did ya?  What's the definition of insanity people? It's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So this data, it's so motivating. I'm gonna share because well, at this moment I'm pretty proud of myself. I've come a long way whats even better it was about ten times farther than I dared to even think of going. I kinda surprised myself with 3034.8 miles. 269.8 hours and 265 workouts consisting of riding, lifting weights, running, yoga and more.  Burning 157,000 + calories. DAMN. That's 472 more miles, 58 more hours and 34 more workouts than 2013. I'm actually typing this as I look at these totals and let me tell you I would have NEVER told you I could do that. EVER. If I stood in front of myself on Jan 1 or 2014  and said "Hey, I'm you back from the future and you're going to do this plus start racing!" I'd never believe it.

It wasn't always easy. I made some sacrifices. A few times I got behind on laundry, yard work and house work. My sister can attest to this as my favorite excuse is "I was busy, riding my bike!" Or "can't do it today, gotta ride my bike!" God bless her for just letting me ride my bike and being patient as it did all eventually get done. That's the funny part too. I accomplished some things this year in my personal life and projects that had been on my list for a couple years. Stuff I psyched myself out about, talked myself out of or thought, it will take forever to finish I shouldn't start that. I also finished things I had hanging about for a while. Let go of things I realized werent' really that important and as I survey my life today I am realizing that these things go hand in hand.  When I have overcome my fears in fitness and cycling I've grown more confident in other places of life. I think of things in terms of " Well if I can ride 200 miles in 2 days I can .....fill in whatever I'm psyching myself out about here..." I realize how strong and tough I can be and I dig in, I go to work and what's even better is I've learned to follow through and finish.

So the odometer is reset. I wonder now what I'll be telling myself this time next year. I look forward to surprising myself, having another happy little cry at all the wonderful moments and things that 2015 brought.  My lesson from 2014 being this, I gave myself a chance to succeed before I psyched myself out or talked myself out of things. I set goals, I put in the work and I achieved things that I never dreamt of along the way. The end results of it all was I really lived last year from beginning to end in a way I am proud of. Each moment, memory and mile is a cherished gift that I thoroughly enjoyed. I close out 2014 stats satisfied with a job well done in both cycling, fitness and life. For that I am extremely grateful and blessed.

And of course I reaffirmed that if I just keep pedaling, it all works itself out. :)

A few of the year's pics just because they make me smile!